Friday, October 11, 2013

Finding great free music for your games

Adding some appropriate theme music can be make a huge difference in the impact of your game, and help make your games feel more polished and fun.  Below is a collection of  resources that I have run across, but feel free to post more suggestions.  I will try to post updates as I find them:

Public Domain - completely free to use, no fees or attribution required:  The songs are well made, organized by genre, and some of them are loops - which can be super useful.

GiveLifeBackToMusic is a Public domain record label, where artists release and distribute entire albums into the public domain.

Game Assets Subreddit Reddit is popular social link-sharing site with many game-development related communities.  The "Game Assets" subreddit is where users can share their game music and art with the community. provides downloads of music that is no longer under copyright, and so free to use.  Most of the music here is pretty old, but that may be ideal for certain game themes.

Creative Commons attribution - these songs can be freely used, even in commercial games, the only requirement is that you credit the musician for their work.

No Soap Radio - lots of songs, all with an attribution-only license - Lots of music with various Creative Commons licenses, much of it is attribution only, but be sure to verify before using - Lots of high quality songs, many are game oriented.

Noncommercial Only - this music can be used for free in non-commercial projects, but if you plan to sell your game the music can be licensed for a small fee - many styles & genres, high quality music - great for games. - site defaults to German, you may need to select your language at the top


  1. nice little article. i used some of the sounds for my game :

  2. Im haveing trouble my game won't follow a simple spacebar tap to go to the next level I've tried to change it a lot of different ways.

    Please help from level "Menu" to "Game"

  3. how to make a camera move with your character

  4. how do you add the music onto a game

  5. I like to use AudioNautix. All tracks on the service are free. A distinctive feature of this site is that you can search for songs not only by genre, but also by the sound pace. And another one with free background music.

  6. Why wont my music work even when I use a URL and everything!