Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Uploading your sounds for use with Flowlab

Flowlab can play mp3 files provided as web links, which can be useful, but requires that the file be uploaded somewhere accessible on the internet.  There a many free file hosting services, but Dropbox is my personal favorite.  It is free to sign up, and you can upload files immediately.

It's really easy to upload and link to mp3 files for use as music or sounds.  Once you sign up for an account (you can just choose the free option once you log in the first time), just click the "Public" folder as shown below:

 You can upload files by dragging and dropping them directly into the page from your computer:

 Once the file is uploaded, right click and select "Copy public link":
 There is a handy "Copy to clipboard" button to copy the link:

Then just paste the link into a Sound behavior, and click "loop" if desired.


  1. Oh cool! I will use this more often now. :P

  2. This no longer works with new accounts

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